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Support Alternative Information Centre

Thursday 5 November 2015, by AIC

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is now launching an appeal, not simply because of the current Israeli offensive, but as we know there are more to come and we must be prepared.

To support the AIC watch the video and follow us to Indigogo!

The Palestinians, a people representing the aspirations and hopes of the entire world, are now tragically alone, enduring vicious attacks by the Israeli military and settlers.

Inaction is a crime. For over 30 years the AIC has been at the forefront of bringing together Palestinian, Israeli and international activists to resist apartheid and occupation. Now is the time to promote (co)resistance, which represents the sole alternative solution to ending Israel’s occupation and promoting a just peace.

You can help support the AIC’s essential (co)resistance and political actions against Israel’s colonial occupation and apartheid.

AIC work is conducted together with a wide range of partners to mobilise a network of action. Partners include political parties, popular committees, anti-occupation associations and international solidarity groups. AND TODAY also YOU.

You can help make (co)resistance possible.

Please donate to our campaign today!

* The AIC does not have a PayPal account for technical reasons, so contributions should be made via the PayPal account of AIC Co-Director, Sergio Yahni. If you have questions please contact me on