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About us

We are social and political movements struggling against social injustices, neoliberalism, imperialism and war. We are building solidarity between social movements at the local, national and international level. Our approach is both concrete (action-oriented) and intellectual (creating new paradigms).

We are together for three main reasons:

  • To coordinate our struggle at the local and international levels
  • To increase debate over alternatives to the status quo
  • To assure our long-term political and financial viability

How do we operate?

The basic structure is the Governance Council, composed of two delegates from each participating group. The assembly meets regularly and functions through cyberspace. We have a General Secretary currently based in Montreal. The GS can be reached at feroz at

Our priorities

  • Establishing a network of websites to provide analysis and information that will service progressive social movements
  • Strengthening networks by bringing together urban social movements
  • Developing new initiatives for young activists through internships and exchange programs
  • Designing united approaches and strategies for input into the World Social Forum
  • Developing new approaches to assure long-term financial viability

International Secretariat

Members of the International Governance Board are:

  • Moussa Tchangari (Niamey),
  • Abdramane Ousmane (Niamey),
  • Mondli Hlatshwayo (Johannesburg),
  • Monique Crinon (Paris),
  • Refaat Sabah (Ramallah)
  • Gabriela Batista (Fortaleza)
  • Kamal Lahbib (Rabah)
  • Pedro Ivo Batista (Fortaleza),
  • Michel Warcshawski (Tel Aviv),
  • Shir Hever (Tel Aviv)
  • Michel Lambert (Montréal),
  • Luc Phaneuf (Montréal),
  • Hamouda Soubhi (Rabat),
  • Vinod Raina (Delhi),
  • Pierre Beaudet, Founding Member, (Ottawa)
  • Martina Pignatti Morano, (Roma)

General Secretary in Montreal
Feroz Mehdi
+1 514 982-6635