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Voices For Palestine

Thursday 23 November 2023, by Stefan Christoff

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2023
1-7pm, Palestine time
Live on Radio AlHara

A global broadcast of solidarity aiming to highlight voices from around the world expressing their support, solidarity and love for the Palestinian people. This broadcast takes place as a sonic protest against the Israeli state military bombardment of the people of Gaza that is still ongoing right now.

This broadcast involving contributors from around the world includes music, soundscapes, voices + sounds from street protests globally, interviews and also the voice of many activists around the world expressing solidarity and love for Palestine and calling for an end to the Israeli state policies of apartheid and occupation.


Original graphic by Josh MacPhee. Content outlined below, the program was edited and mixed by Stefan Christoff for Radio AlHara, if you have any questions about the groups involved or would like to contribute to future such initiatives

  • Shalabi Quintet - Artists Against Apartheid (Montréal Session) - Vitrola Era (Nick Schofield remix)
  • Rehab Hazgui, Sedimentary
  • Kiran Ambwani, Bachao! (Hindi)
  • Ashley Fortier, Metonymy Press
  • Asher Gamedze, Message for the palestinian people
  • Christian Konjian, Filmmaker (Arabic)
  • Fortner Anderson, Palestine message (English)
  • Catalina Villegas-Burgos, Voz por Palestina (Spanish)
  • Vancouver solidarity messages, recorded by Stefan Christoff
  • T. Gowdy - Transcend II
  • Steve Bates - A message for Radio Al Hara (English)
  • Toma Falcone, Photographer (English)
  • Sonya Stefan, Filmmaker (English)
  • T. Gowdy - A solidarity message for Palestine (English)
  • Tim Daisy - A solidarity message (English)
  • Simon Plouffe - Filmmaker (French)
  • Samaa Elibyari - Community organizer and longtime CKUT 90.3 FM host
  • Mireya Bayancela Ordonez - Ninos de Gaza (Spanish)
  • Rania Lardjane - I belong to every Palestinian ?(English)
  • Muma - Muma stands with Palestine (English)
  • Daniel Áñez - Message à Palestine (French)
  • Le Berger - The Momentary Masters of a Fraction of a Dot
  • Avraham - A solidarity message for Radio Al Hara (English)
  • Beatriz Paz Jiménez - solidarity messages from Mexico City (English)
  • Yasmeen Abdallah - Free Palestine (English)
  • Mona Abu Rayyan - Community activist
  • Mahfuza Usmail - Solidarity with Palestinians (English)
  • Brandon Valdivia (Mas Aya) (English + Spanish)
  • Ottawa solidarity protest, recording by Daniel Pelissier (English)
  • Music from Reem Kelani
  • An interview with Koen Bogaert interview on Palestine solidarity organizing in Belgian academic and community spaces, recorded by Stefan Christoff (English)
  • Hatem Abudayyeh, Arab American Action Network (English)
  • Educator Sara Louise Kendall in Montreal (English)
  • Artist Shahrzad Arshadi speaks for Palestine (English)
  • Tim Daisy - Solitario
  • Sofia Nawrot-Pappas reading letter written by Catherine Pappas (French and English)
  • Anti war activist Kathy Black (English)
  • Ryan Fletcher expresses solidarity (English)
  • Ruba AlRub solidarity message (Arabic)
  • Families for ceasefire action II, filmed by Hamza El-Falah (English audio)
  • Feroz Mehdi - Hindi message of solidarity
  • Free Palestine sit in in Utrecht Centraal, audio shared by Sarah Teixeira St Cyr
  • Hazy Montagne Mystique ft Lan et Thahn Baccam - Muang Luang
  • Irmak solidarity message with Palestine in English
  • Artist Kae message of solidarity (English)
  • Kholoud Hussein speaking from Burj Al Barajneh (Arabic)
  • Bhavana Nancherla + kids, a solidarity message (English)
  • Artist Laurence Beaudoin Morin (French)
  • Le Berger - The Momentary Masters of a Fraction of a Dot
  • Mamy Rakotondrainibe, a land rights activist from Madagascar (English)
  • Artist Marcel P. van Rootselaar, a solidarity message (English)
  • Joan Baz + Wael Kodeih, solidarity protests Marseille (French)
  • Filmmaker and educator Mary Ellen Davis recordings from Montreal Palestine solidarity protests (French and English)
  • Maxim Mokdad, an architect and designer, recorded the of Gaza solidarity protests in Sofia, Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
  • A solidarity message from Mehdi Cayenne
  • Musician YlangYlang shares a message for Palestine (English)
  • A message for Palestine from mental health practitioner Rebekah Hart
  • A poetry reading by Muyassar Kurdi (English)
  • Dr Nora Parr, a researcher in Arabic and World Literatures, urges support for Gaza as part of fundamental work for a world of where safety and equality can be realized for all (English)
  • Norman Nawrocki - Palestine String Solidarity
  • Palestine solidarity protests in Doha, Qatar (Arabic), shared by Dana Dowmut
  • Paul Slot from Shimmering Moods Records in The Netherlands (English)
  • Bix Gabriel, poetry reading and words, an assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Bucknell University (English)
  • Solidarity and love for Palestine, a message from Kassaye MacDonald (English)
  • Artist Kyla Gilbert solidarity message (English)
  • Researcher Ying Syuan Huang expresses solidarity with the Palestinian people (English)
  • Artist Ricky Leach message of solidarity and recordings from Montreal solidarity protests for Gaza (English)
  • William Ryan Fritch - Adhesion, via Lost Tribe Sound
  • Original mix by Ziad Nawfal of Ruptured Records
  • Excerpt of Aaron Lakoff programming on Jazz Europrium on CKUT 90.3 FM, a Gaza solidarity selection
  • Recordings from Paris solidarity actions with Gaza by Stefan Christoff (French and English)
  • Feroz Mehdi solidarity message in English
  • KMRU - Jinga Encounters
  • Count G - Whatever Tomorrow Wants
  • Jordan Christoff - Electric Creation
  • Edna Martinez mix - Spiritual Highlife
  • Poet Alejandro Saravia
  • Badawi - The Best Of Badawi Vol.1 selections
  • Amanda Irarrázabal and Miriam Den Boer Salmón - excerpt of the album Fauces
  • Jordan Christoff - Sun Through the Clouds
  • Ciarra Black - Scifi Pioneer studio
  • Artist Robb Johnson recordings of Palestine solidarity protests
  • Gaza solidarity protests at the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, recording by Andrew Loewen
  • Vancouver solidarity protest recording featuring a voice of a Palestinian Youth Movement activist, recorded by Stefan Christoff