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US Social Forum convenes in Atlanta

Monday 16 April 2007, by Hemispheric Council of the Americas Social Forum

From June 27 to July 1, the 1st Social Forum of the United States will
take place in Atlanta, organized by a broad array of groups and entities
of that country.

This event is of the highest geopolitical and social importance, at a
time when the world is undergoing the severest impact of the imperial
hegemony of the United States, and of its neo-liberal and militaristic

For that reason, we consider this national Forum to hold special
significance for the hemisphere and the world, and that its message and
results could be decisive in the course of the changes being initiated
from different spaces, with the common goal of building Another World.
We therefore consider it indispensable to ensure the broadest possible
participation, so as to accompany this unique endeavour of resistance
being launched by the US organizations.

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