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UN Climate Negotiations Kick Off in Bonn

Friday 10 June 2011, by Tina Gerhardt

"A study announced yesterday and commissioned by Oxfam from the Stockholm Environment Institute reveals that developing economies are doing more to reduce emissions than developed economies."

Bonn, Germany — Yesterday, a two-week long round of UN climate negotiations, lasting from June 6 to June 17, 2011, kicked off in Bonn, Germany. The talks will prepare the way for the COP 17, which takes place November 28, 2011 to December 9, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.

Over 3,000 participants from over 180 countries are in attendance, doing their best to avoid the E-Coli scare currently sweeping Germany.

The work before the group is clear. Last week, the International Energy Agency announced that emissions continue to increase unabated. Emissions released in 2010 were the highest in history, despite the economic recession. The report stated that the "prospect of limiting the global increase in temperature to 2 degrees Celsius is getting bleaker."


Source: The Huffington Post

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