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The Israeli and Palestinian Avenger Circle

Tuesday 10 October 2023, by Amira Hess

In one day Israeli citizens went through what Palestinians have experienced and have experienced for decades as a resident:

Military invasion, death, cruelty, children killed, bodies laying on the road, siege, fear, anxiety for the fate of loved ones, homeland, feelings of revenge, collective lethal injury to those involved (soldiers) and non-involved (Citizens), landing position, destruction of buildings and destruction of a holiday or celebration, weakness and powerlessness against armed with all abilities, humiliation burns. Need to say it again: we told you so. Continuous oppression and injustice erupts in unexpected moments and places. Bloodshed knows no bounds.

The creators have suddenly turned, and the nightmare of the Palestinian routine has shattered the false normality that has characterized Israelis’ lives for decades. Hamas tricked her into a surprise action she took, revealing its military resiliency and his ability to plan, keep secret his plans and take diversion. His activists showed creativity when they broke through different methods the walls of the largest prison in the world, Israel oppresses about two million people. His gunmen went on a journey with the willingness to sacrifice their lives and knowing that many chances of being killed. Some of them murdered Israeli citizens in what seemed to be a revenge orgy, whose commanders were not educated to prevent, let alone tactical considerations.

Like in any Israeli war against Gaza that Hamas was interested in, and especially in the presence of the murder of the citizens, one has to wonder: Does he have a realistic political action plan, or did he mainly want to restore his position in the eyes of the residents of the strip? Was the military action accompanied this time with a logistical plan to ease the attacked population in Gaza? Or will it again fall on international aid organizations?

The happy comments about his current achievement should not be surprising. The almighty enemy was presented in his nakedness: an unprepared army, it protects settlers praying in Hawara and Jewish invaders of Palestinian springs. Confused soldiers and police, who were killed to think that war is waking up sleeping children with the handlebars of guns, or invading an armored jeep to a refugee camp. The inventors of manhood and collaborators, who rejoiced so much in their achievements that they underestimated the human factor; that is, every man’s ambition for freedom. "Half of the residents of Sderot are in Gaza, and half of the residents of Gaza are in Sderot", Gaza residents joked on Saturday, when it turned out the number of Israelis that were taken captive. These are the jokes of the world prisoners, who know from the stories of grandparents refugees the landscapes of Jia, Birir, Hamama, Najd, Damra, Samsam and other Russian villages around Gaza. But what after the joy and the sense of accomplishment?

The automatic Israeli lesson, as in the previous times when normality has cracked, is that if up to now the killing and destruction have not achieved their goal - more killing of Palestinians from the air and more destruction and revenge are the answer. This is the conclusion of the government and the army, but also of many Israelis. This is probably also the conclusion of the Western governments, that TSU wanted to show support for Israel while ignoring the structural Israeli violence and the context of the ongoing extortion of the Palestinian people from their land.