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World Social Forum

Resolution from the World Social Forum International Council

Parma, Italy, October 10 -12, 2006

Monday 23 October 2006

  1. The next edition of World Social Forum will be held from January 20 to 25, 2007, in Nairobi, Kenya. We have advanced in the preparation for this event and we confirm our commitment in making it an important moment in the World Social Forum process. We invite everybody to come to Nairobi.
  2. The World Social Forum is an innovative process, which continues to expand and deepen itself through world, regional, national, local and thematic events as well as struggles, campaigns and actions that reaffirm our commitment for another world that is possible, necessary and urgent.
  3. During 2007, we will continue to share our energies, time and resources to enrich and consolidate the diversity of this process.A working group, composed by organizations and movements, will be created to facilitate the organizing of a global journey of mobilization in 2008, around the dates of Davos World Economic Forum. We will work together to make this world journey and its themes which will be decided by various actors, a reality. The WSF in Nairobi will be a privileged moment to debate, contribute and enrich this initiative and to evolve commitment from its participants.
  4. We also favour the creation of working groups that will provide continuity to the the International Council’s recommendations, the facilitation process and the internal and external communications, giving special attention to the process to be accomplished up to Nairobi. The existing International Council Commissions will continue their work before, during and after Nairobi.
  5. This process will lead us to a new world edition of the World Social Forum in 2009, full of renewed energy and new capacities for mobilization.

Parma, October 12, 2006