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AIC Mourns Loss of Stephane Hessel

Wednesday 27 February 2013

The news of last night’s death of Ambassador Stephane Hessel has deeply affected the team and board members of the Alternative Information Center.

Stephane Hessel and his wife Christiane were our true friends: a source of both inspiration and friends on whom we always knew to count if needed. Recently still, while the AIC was confronting a delicate financial situation, Stephane Hessel and Christiane immediately offered assistance that was instrumental in overcoming this dilemma.

The extraordinary life of Stephane Hessel and his multiple commitments, from the anti-Nazi resistance of WWII to the current Russell Tribunal on crimes of the Israeli occupation, were a sterling example that has always pushed us to work harder and better.

Recently still, while the AIC received the Prize for Human Rights of the French Republic, Stephane was with us, and we used this opportunity to express publicly what he represented for the entire Alternative Information Center family.

We will soon write about Stephane Hessel and the meaning of his exemplary commitments. While we are still trying to digest this sad news, we wish to express our affectionate sympathy to Christiane and our commitment to be faithful to the values for which he fought, at the peril of his life.