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West Bank in Solidarity with Gaza

Monday 3 March 2008, by Ahmad Jaradat

While most of the world media was focusing on the Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip, the situation in the occupied West Bank was also volatile.

A majority of schools across the West Bank were closed, and several marches and demonstrations took place in a number of Palestinian cities and towns.

The largest share of the action on 2 March occurred in Hebron. From the morning, demonstrations were organized in many locations and clashes between the demonstrators and the Israeli military occurred in Beit Awwa, a village to the southwest of Hebron. 14-year-old Mahmmoud Mohammed Masalma was killed when Israeli soldiers shot him the heart. An additional 45 people were injured, three of them in serious condition according to reports from the hospital.

Most of the injured were children, including:

Azzam Rajabi, 16.

Ja’far Abu Aisah, 13.

Mohammed Kawazba, 15.

Mahmoud Abed Elqader, 15.

Mohammed Makhamreh, 15.

Mohmmed Najjar, 19.

Mohammed Haddar, 19.

Rami Hosheyya, 11.

Ala’ Mosa Bohais, 15.

Demonstrations also took place in the Baba Zaweyya neighborhood of Hebron. All the shops were closed because of a general strike and, from the morning, Israeli soldiers moved through the empty streets and opened the fire on the people. The same situation occurred in the villages of Yatta, Saeer and Bait Awwa.

In Bethelehem, four people were injured: one in clashes in the city and three in the village of Taqo in the southern part of the Bethlehem district. Two Palestinians were injured in the town of Salfeet in the northern of West Bank.

According to local sources, tomorrow a general strike will also be held tomorrow.

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