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The New Middle East?

Interview with the general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party, Khaled Haddadeh

Wednesday 6 September 2006

There has been a lot of talk about the "new Middle East" proposed by the American government. What is your comment?

The form of the "new Middle East" that the United States wants has begun to take shape, particularly since the Iraq war and the blockade of Ghaza. It is a Middle East based on the abrogation of the Sykes-Picot agreement-not in order to replace it with greater co-operation, cohesion and unity, of course, but with fragmentation. They want to transform this region by creating feuding sectarian entities, the strongest of which would be the Zionist entity, which is fundamentally based on two concepts: the invincible army, and racist Jewish tribalism. On that basis they would be able to directly dominate all the mini-states in the region and plunder all their resources.

I believe this plan has received blows in Iraq and is now being hit mainly in Lebanon and Palestine. We believe that a "new Middle East" will be born from the sufferings of the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples; but this will be a Middle East that opposes and resists the plan that the United States wants to impose with steel,fire, occupation, and invasion. We do not believe that this Arab world will remain silent or that this subservient Arab state system will remain standing for long, because of its complicity and its neglect of the Arab cause and the Palestinian cause. We believe that the Arab people will rise to confront the Zionist and American enemy and to protect their resources and to embark on development,democracy and change in their political systems.

On that basis we believe that new forms will be born in the Arab world on the basis of the victory of the resistance and the steadfastness of the Lebanese people-forms in whose creation the people will play a basic role. eanwhile we are striving so that the forces of democracy and progress in Arab society will take their place in the van within the framework of constructing this coming Arab world.

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