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Pakhtuns want peace in their region

Thursday 21 February 2008, by Asfandyar Wali Khan

Central President of the Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that Pakhtuns by casting their votes in favour of his party candidates had sent a clear message to international community and establishment of Pakistan that they were against extremism and terrorism.

"Now the international community and Pakistani establishment must change their attitude towards Pakhtuns, who have suffered a lot during a war fought in the region,"

He said that the ANP had emerged the largest party in the Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, therefore, it had the right to form the government in the province. "His party would form government in Pakhtunkhwa and if for that an alliance was required, then other parties could be included, but the chief minister will be from ANP," he added.

It merits a mention here that ANP in North West Frontier came to the fore as largest party bagging 31 seats, while PPPP 17 and independent candidates obtained 10 seats in the House here. Previously, MMA government was ruling here, but this time MMA got 9 seats only.

The president said that ANP has always talked of non-violence and brotherhood and this was the reason that the people elected them.

He said that the ANP after formation of government in the province would change its name to Pakhtunkhwa. "If consensus is not developed on this name then its name may be changed to Afghania or Pakhtunistan," he added.

He made it clear that Pakhtuns want peace in their region. "This impression that Pakhtuns are terrorists or extremists is totally wrong as the victory of moderate party such as ANP is a clear proof of this," he went on to say.

The ANP leader advised the newly-elected members of the party to prepare themselves for serving the masses. "Pakhtuns have showed great confidence in the ANP and now the members should leave no stone unturned to serve them," he said.

Asfandyar said that the ANP always struggled for the rights of Pakhtuns. "We want the resources of this region should be spent on the welfare of people of this region," he added.

"We have natural resources in abundance, but the problem is that these resources were never spent on the welfare of the people of this region," he said.

"We are not interested in getting ministries, but we will certainly play a positive role in the National Assembly," he concluded.

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