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Not a Peace Meeting But a War Conference

Tuesday 23 October 2007, by Michel Warschawski

In order to understand what a conference is about, one usually believes that the main question to be asked concerns who is attending. I think, however, that the real question should always been "who is not invited."

A peace meeting dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which Hamas is not invited is not a peace meeting, but a war conference against, among others, Hamas and a substantial part of the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza which elected a Hamas majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The strategic context of the conference in Annapolis is the neo-conservative strategy of a global, non-ending and preemptive war against "the Islamist threat", which the US Christian right fundamentalists who are advising President George W Bush call simply and without any need for an understatement, "the war against Islam". Hamas is only one target, to which one has to add Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and possibly Syria, though the Syrian regime is a secular one that has massacred more Islamists than any other state in the Middle East. But who cares? For some of the neo-conservative hardliners who are still around Bush, all the Arabs are Muslims, and all the enemies of Washington are targets of the US crusade to defend the so-call Judeo-Christian civilization against the threat of Islam, even if their names are Hugo Chavez or Evo Morales.

In her visit to the Middle East, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is organizing her troops for the coming war, distributing money to mercenary states, threatening those who are hesitating and giving last instructions to the Israeli government. The front of the "moderate states", as the State Department dares to name the client states of Washington, should now be ready for war, and the Annapolis Conference will serve as the first "war cabinet" meeting in this war.

There is, however, one element that is missing in the US preparations: what will be the Iranian retaliation and the human as well as material costs for such a war? Teheran is not Gaza, and Iran has the means to respond to an Israeli-US aggression. Tel Aviv residents may well be the ones to pay a very heavy price for the lunatic plans of George W Bush… who, really doesn’t care much.

The last declaration of the madman of the White House is frightening: he is warning against "World War III"! "Warning" is a neo-conservative expression to say "threatening". In short, in total madness, Bush is threatening to initiate a nuclear war in the Middle East, one that can easily spread to the entire world. In their total cynicism, the neo-cons are presenting this war as a war "to defend the Jews". The Jews as the pretext for the new Crusade led by Christian fundamentalists, and the State of Israel as the front line of the war of defense of Judeo-Christian civilization.

No, thank you! For we, the Jews, will have to pay twice, and a very heavy price, for that war: first as the advanced battalions of the Crusaders and second, as the scapegoat, when this war will fail.There is no doubt that when the US adventure will ultimately finish in a bloody fiasco, the same leaders who used the Jews as a pretext will blame the Jews for their failure. One doesn’t have to be a prophet to predict that the Christian fundamentalists who are surrounding Bush and pushing for a "clash of civilization" – who are super-Zionists and deeply anti-Semites altogether – will, once again, blame the Jews for the crisis in which their own holy crusade against Islam has brought the Western world.

A loud Jewish voice, in Israel as well as throughout the whole world, should be raised to tell to the world: "not in our name! Don’t use the Jews as a pretext for your imperial aggression!" Unfortunately, and one may say tragically, in Annapolis, the two Ehuds, Olmert and Barak, will do exactly the opposite, and play directly into the hands and the propaganda of the worse anti-Semites of our era: they will volunteer our nation and the Jews of the world to be all together the pretext and the main tool of WWIII.

So help us God or whoever else can stop that madness.

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