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Maoist Leader Speaks

Sunday 13 April 2008

Buoyed by early gains in the crucial Constituent Assembly polls, Maoist chief Prachanda on Saturday said his commitment to multi-party democracy should not be doubted and vowed to forge greater national unity.

"Do not doubt my commitment to the multi-party competitive politics," Prachanda, who gave up decade long armed struggle in 2006 to join political mainstream, said after winning the election from Kathmandu constituency No 10.

The Maoists were emerging as the surprise biggest party in early results, winning 27 seats out of a total 43 seats declared so far.

The Nepali Congress has won seven seats, CPN-UML has got six, Nepal
Workers and Peasants Party has won two seats and Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum got one so far. Maoists are leading in at least four dozen other constituencies.

Prachanda said that the country will be declared a federal, democratic republic. The former rebels have been demanding the abolition of monarchy and declaring Nepal a republic state. The former rebel leader said his party will work towards establishing socialism by following the values of pluralistic competitive politics. Hinting towards forming a coalition government even after becoming victorious, he called all political parties for cooperation and vowed to forge a greater national unity.

Prachanda, during the election campaign, had said that he would be ready to forge alliance with the nationalistic forces surrounding the King. Nepalese people have given three mandate: to establish sustainable peace, to establish federal republic and to bring economic prosperity and our party is committed to that, he said. (PTI-The Hindu)