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Barghouthi: “Israel is placing obstacle in front of a comprehensive truce”

Saturday 9 June 2007

Palestinian Minister of Information, the official spokesperson of the National Unity Government, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, stated on Friday that Israel insists on rejecting the initiative of the unity government for extended and parallel truce, and continued its military escalation.

Dr. Barghouthi added that the government presented a clear ten-point plan for truce but Israel rejected it as it rejected the Arab Peace Initiative.

He also said that these Israeli stances prove that Israel does not want to be a peace partner and is placing obstacles in front of the truce.

Dr. Barghouthi held the Israeli government responsible for the present deterioration of the situation, and slammed the Israeli government for choosing to continue its military offensives.

Meanwhile, the detained Islamic Jihad leader, Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’ady, appealed all Palestinian factions to achieve real unity and to implement the unity deal and all issues agree upon during the Cairo national unity talks.

Al Sa’ady stated that all detainees in Israeli prisons are following the incidents in the Palestinian territories as Israel continues its violations, invasions and assassinations, and said that it is unfortunate the some groups are still fighting against each other causing more casualties and destruction while Israel resume its assaults.

He called on all factions to conduct utmost efforts to achieve real unity among the Palestinian factions especially among the rival Fateh and Hamas.

He also called for stopping the Palestinian-Israeli meetings since Israel is using them to achieve its own agenda and interests.

He added that the Palestinian internal unity, and stopping all sorts of chaos and insecurity in addition to continuing the resistance against the occupation is the only way to achieve the national rights of the Palestinian people.