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Iraqi human rigths organization condemns the execution of Saddam

Criminals Cannot Bring Justice

Saturday 6 January 2007

The execution of Saddam was carried out and announced by the global media. As IFC stated soon after the death sentence was issued, this trial had nothing to do with serving justice, restoring dignity to Iraqis, or preserving the human rights that have been violated in the “new democratic Iraq.”

This trial was meant to cover up the US and sectarian groups’ crimes in Iraq. It was to hide the truth of the killing of 655,000 people since March 19, 2003. It was to turn a blind eye to the sectarian war that has been going on widely for months. It was to overlook the massive displacement of Iraqis and the immense destruction of the society. Finally, it was to divert the public’s attention from the miserable failure of the U.S. project and its puppet sectarian government to bring security and stability to Iraqis.

Iraq Freedom Congress states that human rights will not prevail and justice will not be served unless Bush, Blair, and the heads of the sectarian fractions are put in trial along with Saddam and his inter circle for the crimes they committed against Iraqis.

As Iraq Freedom Congress condemns this sham trial which was carried out as the mafia would punish the disobedient, it also, as stated in its Manifesto, condemns the capital punishment and demands to abolish this vicious sentence which is a major violation of human rights. Furthermore, IFC reiterates that criminals such as Bush, Blair and their handmade puppets will never bring justice and peace by executing Saddam.

Iraq Freedom Congress calls upon Iraqi people to step up their struggle and join its ranks to boot out the occupation and the sectarian factions that hangs over their necks. Let’s declare together that there is no justice and human rights as long as the occupation exists and its puppet government is carrying out its policy.

Iraq Freedom Congress

December 29, 2007

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