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AIC Awarded Follow the Women Prize 2013

Thursday 23 May 2013, by Alternative Information Center

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) has been awarded the 2013 Follow the Women Prize for its work on behalf of peace between people through dialogue and reflection.

The award is given annually by Follow the Women – Denmark, the Danish section of an international organization with women from 40 countries who support peace and an end to violence in the Middle East.

The prize was awarded specifically for the AIC art empowerment training of young Palestinian women in the Hebron region. Together with the Palestinian artist Yousef Katalo, the AIC has been conducting these trainings for the past five years, facilitating the development of the individual voice of participants and means for expression. As a direct result of these trainings, some 20 exhibitions of work produced in the workshops were held, including solo exhibitions by women artists such as Dr. Shefa al-Amleh. Cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Hebron Municipality has also been forged through this singular work.

Follow the Women Denmark notes that its members “visited the project this spring and were very happy to see the engagement and strength of the young Palestinians participating in the project. By giving the prize to the project we want to show our respect for your work and hope that the prize can contribute to the continuation of the project, thus giving more young people the opportunity to express themselves through their art.”

“We are so very honoured to receive the 2013 Follow the Women Prize,” notes AIC Programme Director Connie Hackbarth. “It hasn’t always been easy to explain the deep socio-political impact that such work can have, but after five years we are seeing clear results. Recognition of these efforts by Follow the Women – Denmark will assist us in continuing to empower more young Palestinian women”.