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Towards the Social Forum

A forum targeting the Maghreb and Africa for a better world.

Sunday 20 January 2008

The meeting in Bouznika, which is taking place January 25th, 26th and 27th 2008, is part of the global mobilization of social movements. Thus the themes that will be discussed are not specific to Morocco as they will have North African, African and global dimensions. Although they cover local issues and are on the basis of local experiences, they derive from the requirements of a common struggle and dialogue between social movements of the Maghreb, Africa and the world.

The major themes of discussion for the forum are focused on three fundamental pillars:

1. The struggle of social movements against the effects of neo-liberalism:
 Struggles for social justice, for social and economic rights: the role of social movements in responding to the privatization of public services, against poverty, exclusion and precariousness, social inequality and the concentration of wealth
 The reconstruction of unionism as a fundamental tool in social struggles;
 The challenges of youth movements in the era of neo-liberal globalization;
 Migration and security policies: migration and development, migration and human rights, the rights of migrants and human trafficking; the battle against racism and for the citizenship rights of refugees
 Women in the face of violence, exclusions and patriarchal domination. Citizenship rights for women; the struggles of women for their dignity and equality;
 Destruction of ecosystems, biodiversity and resource control over the privatisation of resources, loss of biodiversity, desertification, delegated management, deforestation, struggles for access to resources, and looting. Life resources: water, land, seeds, energy;

2. The Peoples Maghreb:

What political and ethical pillars should be used for the reconstruction of the Maghreb in the era of globalization? How to enable the convergence of social movements, associations, unions, peace movements for the edification of the peoples Maghreb? This research will address the major themes related to issues the regions is facing:

  Structural adjustment policies; WTO and the commodification of the world; Multilateral Trade Agreements; Free Trade Agreements
  The relationship with Europe, reporting to international agencies, the reports in the United States, the ties between the countries of the South, the policies of international solidarity to be implemented,
  The exercise of democracy and citizenship,
  Distribution of the wealth produced,
  The content of the policies of states in the region
  War and militarism, security and peace: Economic War; militarization of international relations;
  The wars in the Middle East and their impact on the Maghreb; diffusion of conflict, violence and military seizure of resources;
  Debt and economic and social policies.
  Diversity and protection of cultural rights, cultural identity, multiculturalism, cultural hegemony and domination
  Religious and secular democracy
  What alternatives to the Sahara conflict? Conditions for social progress, democratic advances and rehabilitation of popular sovereignty;
  Development of a collective Draft Charter of Citizens Maghreb

3. Rethinking social forums:
A. The challenges of social forums between space, process and entity,
B. What opportunities for policy in the context of the consensus in Porto Alegre?
C. Processes of the World Social Forum in the construction of Alternatives
D. Challenges and Opportunities for the Social Forum Morocco
E. Challenges and Opportunities for the Maghreb Social Forum

Methodology and spaces

The Forum taking place in Bouznika will be organized so as to include all organizations of social movements and civil society who adhere to the Charter principles of the World Social Forum. It will aim to complementarily strengthen the establishment and networks around specific themes in order to achieve collective actions for a better world. It will seek to develop a programme of concrete actions among participants.

January 26th will be devoted to organizing a day of reflection on the theme of "reconstruction Maghreb of Peoples, fifty years after the Appeal of Tangier and on issues of social forums to strengthen solidarity and the common struggle of the peoples of the South and North against neo-liberalism and for other Maghreb, another world.”

1 - All activities will be held in workshops followed by a plenary for the restitution and discussions of findings and recommendations which will focus on the conclusions to bolster the movement, thus creating synergies

2 - Participants (women, youth, trade unions, social movements) will have spaces for building their own territory and gaining social exposure

3 - Culture, which will be a cross-cutting dimension of the Forum, will be allocated space. Exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances will be encouraged.