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Suspend Israel from the international institutions! Indict Barak, Livni and Olmer for war crimes!

Sunday 28 December 2008, by Michel WARSCHAWSKI

140 dead, after the first hour of the criminal Israeli attack on the civilian population of Gaza. “It is just the beginning” said Israeli senior officials, vowing to continue the air strikes on the most populated city by square meter in the whole world!

We were a dozen of Palestinian and Israeli activists sitting in the AIC office in Beit Sahur (West Bank) discussing the crisis of the Palestinian secular political parties when we heard the news. After few minutes of real chock, we went each one to his or her duties in such an emergency situation: Ahmad J. contacted his friends in Gaza to gather updated information, Connie and John went to the Jerusalem office to issue and dispatch a call for action to the international social movement, Sergio and Guila contacted the foreign media, Ahmad A. went for an urgent meeting of the local popular movements in Bethlehem area, Nassar call the Palestinian political factions for an emergency national meeting, and, on the way back to Jerusalem, I contacted the Israeli progressive forces to organize, for this night, a joint protest vigil in front of PM residence, but the Women Coalition for Peace has already taken the initiative: there will be a joint in Tel Aviv at 6 PM.

After having organized the transportation for potential demonstrators coming from Jerusalem, I have still a couple of hour before leaving to Tel Aviv. I use it to call you, friends and comrades of the global social movement and the international solidarity movement with the Palestinian people, to respond immediately to this new war-crime committed by my government and its army: more than ever the Palestinian people of Gaza need your mobilization, your solidarity and your efforts. More than ever you have to pressure your governments to impose sanctions on Israel and to make crystal clear that a State that violate the most basic rules of international law has to be suspended from the community of civilized nations.

The State of Israel must be suspended from the international institutions, as long as Gaza will be under siege and the Israeli aviation and artillery will continue to massacre its population!

The Israeli political and military leadership must be brought to trial in an international tribunal for war crimes!

Let’s follow the example of our British comrades, and make clear that wherever Barak, Ashkenazi, Olmert or Livni will choose to come, they will be welcomed by an indictment for the war crimes they have committed in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

No impunity to the Israeli war criminals!