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Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners

Sunday 15 April 2007, by The International Committee for the Support of Palestinian Prisoners

While life goes on as normal for many people all over the world, about 12,000 Palestinians are suppressed in the Israeli prisons for no reason other than their continuous attempt to demand freedom for their people.

The 12,000 Palestinians prisoners, who have residence within the territories belonging to the Palestinian Authority, are paralleled by one million Americans in prison in the United States and 3.5 million Chinese jailed in the People’s Republic of China. Some of the Palestinian prisoners have spent thirty years behind bars. Among them are 350 underage children, 180 women, and scores of seniors. Some of the women have given birth inside jail and others have been forcefully separated from their infants.

Scores of these prisoners died as a result of medical negligence. Every one of these 12,000 people is deprived of basic necessities. In addition to being crowded around the clock, the detention centers are very hot and suffocating in summer, and very cold and humid in winter. Foul smelling toilets and bad odors suffocate prisoners. All prisoners suffer from an intentional starvation policy. The crying of babies, the moaning of patients and the tears of the oppressed would break the heart of any prison visitor.

The Israeli government violates International Law with regard to Palestinian rights and abdicates from all responsibility to provide the basic requirements of life. It holds the prisoners’ families and the Palestinian National Authority accountable for providing prisoners with their basic necessities. Further, the Israelis intentionally detain prisoners within the borders of Israel (outside Palestinian areas), thus breaking article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. This gives them the pretext to forbid the prisoner’s family from visiting him/her.

Our duty as fellow human beings obliges us to break our silence in the face of such crimes, by supporting our fellow freedom fighters, who only demand their right to freedom and independence.

Should we close our eyes to their torture? Should we ignore their human rights?

We call upon you to show your support by taking action and launching an effective political campaigns in every town and village to mobilize a prompt global movement, to pressure the Israeli occupation authority to release these prisoners and apply international law to each case.

The humanity of each of us is being tried, so let us save it by supporting the persecuted Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails.

Let’s turn the human rights texts into an uprising against injustice… so that these laws do not turn into a dead philosophy within the cold silence of the international community.

The International Committee for the Support of Palestinian prisoners in Israel

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