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India’s fields full of dreams

Thursday 16 June 2011, by Nidhi Dutt

"Experts say that those in charge of overseeing significant, long-term projects in India face a big challenge.

They need to balance the country’s industrialisation with the needs and demands of the people such projects affect the most."

Ramesh Chandra Rout stands in the blistering morning sun, watching on as his betel leaf vines are flattened.

It does not take long for the team, delegated to his farm by local authorities, to tear down the wooden structures that house his crop.

A loud, unruly crunching sound reverberates through the air as men walk over the destroyed structures; a mess of wood, wire and bright green leaves underfoot.

Like many farmers in Jagatsinghpur district, in rural Orissa, Ramesh has given up his fight.

He has agreed to hand over his land to the state government in return for a one-off compensation payment.


Source: BBC News

Photo: Adrian Measures (fotopedia)