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Western Sahara

Call for peace

From a group of activists from the Maghreb Social Forum

Saturday 9 May 2009

 Aware of the negative impact of the current crisis in the Maghreb region as a result of the conflict between the Western Sahara, the Moroccan state of the Polisario Front on all the peoples of the region;
 Considering the negative consequences of this conflict that has hindered the region’s development in all areas by creating a hotbed of tension for more than three decades;
 Considering the number of casualties on both sides fell until 1991 and the considerable material resources wasted by the conflict to the detriment of the region’s economic development and well-being of its peoples;
 Considering the harmful effects of conflict on human rights, and giving rise to countless kidnappings, forced disappearances, arrests, arbitrary detentions, unfair trials and forced collective movements, etc..;
 Considering that this conflict is an obstacle to the aspirations of the peoples of the Maghreb to the peace, unity and political democracy, economic, social and cultural;

Proclaim the establishment of a civilian organization open to all possibilities and all the North African and international organizations with the name of Initiative for Peace in Western Sahara (IPSO), and aimed at achieving the following objectives:
1 °-work for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Western Sahara on the basis of international legality and the process of negotiations between the Moroccan and Polisario Front under the auspices of the United Nations;
2 °-work for the establishment of trust between the peoples of the Maghreb region and Mediterranean to gather the necessary conditions for success of peace initiatives;
3 °-work for creating the conditions necessary for real development of the Maghreb region and the Mediterranean and the establishment of the foundations required for the construction of the Maghreb peoples, inescapable historical necessity;
4 °-Ensure completeness and universality of human rights and make the framework for the Maghreb and Mediterranean area where the values of tolerance and democracy.