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Bring the criminals to the court

Sunday 30 July 2006

by the Alternative Information Center

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) condemns Israel for the 30 July 2006 massacre of refugees in Qana, and the vicious attempt by the Israeli military to wash its hands of any culpability.

Over the past three weeks, men, women, and children were forced to take refuge in Qana as part of Israel’s policy of cleansing southern Lebanon. Due to Israeli air strikes on refugee convoys, civilians could not continue their journey north.

This attack on Qana was the second in which the Israeli military massacred refugees there. The first, which occurred 18 April 1996 resulted in 106 fatalities.

The AIC condemns the United States and the United Kingdom for their support of Israel’s ongoing murderous policies. The American and British governments are accomplices in the ongoing slaughter of the Lebanese people. The U.S. provides arms to the Israeli Air Force and finances Israeli military operations in Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and elsewhere. Tony Blair provides all the political coverage Israel needs to destroy Lebanon and the OPT.

The ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon is one battle in the wider imperial war being waged by George Bush and Tony Blair. It is a part of the American effort to create a “new Middle East”—one ruled by the U.S. and by the Israeli military for the profit of multinational corporations.

The Alternative Information Center demands:

*An immediate and unconditional cease fire;

*That all countries with embassies in Israel recall their ambassadors;

*Immediate actions by the international civil society and popular movements in protest of Israel’s criminal policies;

*And that the international community bring Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz, and Dan Halutz to court for war crimes.