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Bangladesh to Host This Year’s South Asia Social Forum

Sunday 30 October 2011, by Hiba Zayadin

This year’s South Asia Social Forum (SASF) will kick-start on November 18 in Dhaka, Bangladesh for 5 days of meetings and workshops revolving around the issue of democracy.

The SASF is a part of the World Social Forum (WSF), which in itself is an annual meeting of civil society organizations aimed at developing and proposing viable ideas for an alternative future for the world. WSF aims for globalization that operates with a bottom-up process and stresses the local empowerment.

The main theme of this year’s forum is "Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace". Over 200 not-for-profit organizations and around 500 activists from all over the world will be attending the forum this November to make their ideas and suggestions heard.

Feroz Mehdi, one of the founding members of Alternatives International who has been largely working on projects related to South Asia, will be attending the SASF in Dhaka. According to him, “The social forum process is growing. In 2010 alone there were 19 national forums, 5 regional forums and 31 thematic forums all over the world involving an impressive number of organizations, networks and tens of thousands of people.”

Some of the issues that will be addressed at the Bangladesh forum include participatory democracy, human rights, fundamentalism, conflict and societal peace, food sovereignty, justice and development, media and cultural hegemony, and regional and trans-boundary issues.

For more information regarding the forum, visit the organization’s website:

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