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A Strategic Victory

Playing right into our hands

Monday 2 August 2010, by Michael Ryan Wiseman

Hats off to the hat that’s finally on that dastardly oil pipe. We can all rest assured that the Gulf of Mexico will be as good as new in no time. Indeed, word is coming out that clean up efforts are being hampered by…

a lack of oil to clean up. The dreaded standoff against a monolithic adversary has come to nought— the oil has dissipated, hooray!

This development can only be described as an incredible blessing of good fortune that marks a massive strategic victory in American efforts to defeat the spill.

If the US has one unrivalled and indisputable skill, it’s mastery over a highly dispersed and incomprehensible enemy that refuses a pitched battle and follows paradigms— here weather patterns and a marine ecosystem, there ideology and creed— that share little-to-nothing with its own.

Give them a decade and I’m sure the situation will be fully resolved and under control.

That’s it from me. Summer days are long so the time I spend sitting at a computer is short. See you at Journées Des Alternatives!

Photo: flickr/ Deepwater Horizon Response